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Music Instruction

for All Ages

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Hi, I'm Tague.
I'm dedicated to providing developmentally-appropriate music lessons for all ages in the Los Angeles area.
My goal is to help students foster a love for music and enjoy their music practice.
I offer lessons in guitar, piano, songwriting, improvisation, jamming, and music theory.

Give me a call or email to see if I'd be a good fit for you or a loved one.



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I teach various instruments to match the varied interests of my students. I believe that every student has a unique journey to embark on, and I tailor my lessons to suit their individual needs and pace. Patience is at the core of my approach, allowing students to feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them. With a gentle and supportive demeanor, I aim to instill a passion for music while building a solid foundation in piano playing.

Piano Keys


I've found that using an interval-based approach to sight reading is incredibly effective in helping students become confident readers of sheet music. It's less about memorizing notes and more about recognizing patterns. Additionally, I believe that a student's personal interests and taste play a crucial role in their musical development. I love to incorporate repertoire that aligns with each student's preferences. This not only keeps them engaged and motivated but also helps them connect more deeply with the music they're learning.

Guitar Close Up

Guitar & Ukulele

Fear not the fret board! Most people stop learning the guitar after half a song and a handful of sore fingertips.

I can help you pick the right songs and instruments to start you on a long and sustainable music journey.

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At-Home Lessons

I believe the student-teacher relationship is immensely important for a learning and emotional success. I believe I best foster that relationship by working with students in their own homes, playing on the instruments they practice with and the comfort of family close by.

Guitarist Writing Song

Songwriting & Jamming

This is where music becomes really personal and fulfilling for me.

I structure the songwriting process to help students create fun/silly/honest songs that they are truly proud of.

On the other hand, sometimes we don't need to put music on paper to have fun. Jamming with others is one of the best ways to connect with people, regardless of musical ability.

Schedule a Lesson

Offering in-home services in Los Angeles


I look forward to hearing from you!

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